Music Education in English

Music Education in English

Music Education in English in Hamburg

Sing, dance, laugh and play!

From the 1st of July 2013 Kindermusik in English in Winterhude has a new director Karen Berquist Lüth and therefore a new name Kindermusik with Karen. You can now find the timetable and descriptions for our wonderful Kindermusik in English courses under

Our colourful Winterhude studio with garden remains, however, unaltered, as do our fun and educational courses. All enquiries should now be directed to Karen under

Karen, Marcella and Audrey are looking forward to welcoming you in the Autumn semester starting in August!

Children learn and grow through play with other children, teachers, and you.

Led by our qualified educators,Kindermusik's research-based programmes will enhance your child's development and instill a lifelong love of music.

Why in English?

Research shows that:

Children should learn languages early

Children's brains are ready and eager to learn languages early. The earlier a child learns a language, the more proficient he or she will become in that language.

Learning languages early makes children smarter

Children who learn multiple languages early are more cognitively advanced in analytical reasoning, concept formation, cognitive flexibility and metalinguistic skills.

Music helps children learn languages better

Music supports the development of phonological awareness which is linked to better pronunciation and better decoding of written language.

Repetition is key in learning a language

The Kindermusik® At Home Materials will give children the repeated exposure to the English language throughout the week.

So, find the right Kindermusik class for you and your child and then book online!